Business location Vreden

How attractive a town is depends on the job offer and the local conditions for your company.

The textile industry which used to dominate this area until the sixties has now nearly vanished. The economy has changed and Vreden has developed into an attractive, dynamic and innovative business location today.

An environment developed and established over the time,  a   good economic infrastructure and qualified, motivated employees contribute to the locational advantages. Apart from successfully operating “global players” on the world market, there are a number of medium-sized companies, craft businesses and service companies which are known transregionally due to their high performance.

The position at the border which used to be a disadvantage has now developed into a future-proof border area in conformity with the motto of Vreden “Vreden connects”.  A new cross-border industrial area which is being planned  and a service center located directly at the German – Dutch border open up new chances and perspectives for our region.

The diversity of industries and the economic strength of the companies located in Vreden are regularly presented to the public on the occasion of an exhibition called “Wirtschaftsschau” .


In cooperation with other relevant players the town Vreden is working on maintaining Vreden`s strength and dynamic and to develop this industrial location and the place where people want to live sustainably and ready for the future.