Welcome to Vreden


We would like to introduce our town to you on these websites. Vreden is situated in the Western Münsterland where you also find the northernmost flamingo offspring in the world and the first German “Scherenschnittmuseum” (a museum for the art of cutting paper). Vreden is the first fair trade town in the Münsterland and  was awarded  a gold prize by the Europe Energy Award.

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape with several local recreation areas Vreden presents itself as a lively town and a place worth living  for its residents and the guests coming to Vreden!

There is a lot to explore in Vreden`s five  “Kirchdörfer” (villages belonging to Vreden with their own churches) and in five farming communities covering an area of 135 km² altogether.

See for yourself and visit our town and the area around!

The town border, which is at the same time also the national border with a length of 32.5 km, connects us with our Dutch neigbouring towns and communities in the Achterhoek and in Twente with Winterswijk, Oost Gelre, Berkelland and Haaksbergen.

It is not only the positon at the border which connects us with our Dutch neigbours but there are also a lot of contacts in several different areas and common activities on both side of the border.  There is the cross-border trade association VREWIN,  the cooperation with the fire-brigades, political exchange, the cross-border flower parade in Rekken and the mutual planning and development of an  industrial area across the border – just to give you some examples. The committee for German- Dutch cooperation has been in charge of promoting contacts and the imparting of information about the Netherlands since 1977.

Approximately 600 of the 23,000 inhabitants have a Dutch passport. A lot pupils decide to choose Dutch as a foreign language at the secondary schools.

Because of the border to the Netherlands Vreden used to be a peripheral region, today, however, in the centre of Europe the border offers a lot of opportunities for cooperation across the border.

Logo der Stadt Vreden

“Vreden connects”, the logo of our town represents our diversity, as Vreden connects

  • old established things with new ones
  • the past and the future
  • beyond borders
  • different cultures
  • old and young
  • nature and industry
  • tradition and progress
  • leisure and work.


The best way to get to know Vreden is of course visiting our town. You are welcome!

See you in Vreden.

We would like to give you some information about our town on these websites. Whether it is on historic events, on art and  culture, education and work in Vreden or just some options for a visit of our town.